AGENZIA DELLE ENTRATE Direzione Provinciale di POTENZA, Melfi

Via G. Ungaretti, 1
85025 Melfi


Agenzia delle Entrate has issued the English version of its website Non-Italian speaking users can find all the information and documents useful to those who want to know more about the Italian tax system, the Italian Revenue Agency and the services it provides to taxpayers. Among others, the forms used by non-residents for the direct identification for VAT purposes, and VAT refunds. We hope that the English version of our website could be a useful tool, a source of information and assistance.on-Italian citizens need a Taxpayer Identification Number, which is required for all dealings with Public Bodies and Administrations, and a VAT Number to start a business. To contact the Assistance service, Agenzia delle Entrate offers various channels of communication: telephone, web-mail, offices.
Calling 848.800.444 and following the directions given by the system you can access various services and information: Call center with operator: The service is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 17 on Saturday from 9 am to 13. Refunds: Provides tax-payers waiting for a refund with information about their case. Automated operator: Standard information on taxes and related topics. Booking of appointments: The service allows those who need to go in office, to book an appointment with an official, thus avoiding wasting time in a queue at the counter.
Attention: to call by cellular phone, the phone number is 06-96668907 (the cost is charged to the caller according to the plan implemented by the operator); to call from abroad the number is 0039 06-96668933 ( the cost is charged to the caller). By sending a text message to 320-43.08.444 you can receive information.

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Parole chiave
Amministrazione, amministrazione finanziaria
Zone servite
Atella, Banzi, Barile, Forenza, Ginestra, Lavello, Maschito, Melfi, Montemilone, Palazzo San Gervasio, Rapolla, Rionero In Vulture, Ripacandida, San Fele, Venosa.
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